Will Spraying Himalayan Salt water Reduce Hair loss and Increase Hair Growth?

will spraying himalayan salt water on scalp reduce hair loss and increase hair growth

Himalayan salt has been known for many healing qualities – knowing hair loss is hard to fix, can himalayan salt actually help hair growth and stop hair loss?

In eastern medicine, it is understood that the hair on the head belongs to the Kidney – and that flavour or taste if Kidney energy, is associated with salt, and also water element – and for this reason, some people pray salt on the scalp to help hair growth – but does this logic actually work?

Acupuncturists say that this was not how this was meant to be used but they do say that salt such as himalayan salt can help towards hair loss, but using it alone as a treatment won’t be enough for someone suffering from inflammation and hormone imbalances. For that, you need to do a regime, that can target a deeper level as well as the superficial level. So whilst himalayan salt water sprays can help detox the scalp, as well as help hair growth, it is recommended to carry out other things to help you grow hair and stop hair loss.

Some of those things are as follows:

Nutrition: You need to consume the right nutrition. Collagen a day keeps the hair on the head they say. It is the building blocks for hair and skin, and has been proven to help and contribute.

Emotional balance: This is a tricky one to understand as many people think the way we feel, emotions we go through won’t affect our hair and skin and how we operate. But this is far from the truth – it directly affects hormones and this directly affects the whole body. Learn to meditate everyday for even ten minutes a day to help refocus the mind – just ten minutes a day done for 6 months changed your RNA expression already.

Scalp massage: Many sites talk about scalp massage, but this is still the number one most underrated method to help decalcify the scalp and renew the hair growth as well as reduce inflammation.

Products for hair growth and helping stop hair loss

There are many products out there that help stop hair loss, and you can have a look at this page (click here) to view the top products and why they are rated.

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