Ways to Make your Hair Thicker – Secrets Revealed

ways to make your hair thicker Hair growth is dependant on various factors, and the main ones are as follows below Рand understanding them, can help you understand, and find ways to make your hair thicker and better quality:

- Hormones: This means if your hormones are balanced, or if there is in imbalance in any of the hormones; including insulin, testosterone, HGH and others.

- Inflammation: This means if the rate of inflammation in your scalp is higher than the body can handle. This can be corrected by a fix of diet in avoiding sugar/fat/carbs for 2 weeks and eating only lean meats of beef along with steamed kale or spinach. This diet also helps reset hormone imbalances talked in the earlier point above.

- Circulation: As we grow older, we get blood circulation reduced. The scalp is the first to get reduction because of it’s position in the body. To help this, we always tell people about scalp massage on a daily basis – they can use a machine to scalp massage if you feel like finger tips aren’t good enough, or you find it hard to massage using finger tips. Exercise also plays a major role in keeping health circulation in the body. This will also support hormone balancing.

- Environment: This includes the shampoo and products you use on your hair. Most fragrant based products for hair will cause long term damage, and hair thinning at a faster rate.

- Nutrition: If you aren’t eating, then no matter what else you do above, you won’t be able to get hair growth. You need the right about of nutrition, in the right form, for hair growth, and thickening hair growth naturally. This includes protein from animal sources; no, vegetable protein will not do the same, nor does it get absorbed the same way.

If you really and fully, understand the above points, you really do not need to keep surfing the internet to find answers to increasing hair growth and thickness. You can do it now, all by yourself.