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The Taoist handmade soap/shampoo is a top rated hair growth shampoo via customers, forums and our specialist team which reviews ingredients with the most strict standards found anywhere in the world (Harvard Medical Research Team).

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smells yummy even my cat loves it

Mar 23, 2018 by Vennesa Small

I got to say, i never seen my cat like anything fragrant before (he smells everything and makes a face when he doesnt like it and runs away) - and this is the only product that even my cat liked and lays around it as if its another living thing being playful with the soap.

I also never thought I would talk about my cat in a review, but its important to point out, animals can tell harsh ingredients better than anyone out there.

As for results of the soap for myself, i found that it helped clear my skin and helped stop the hair falling process, as I understand it helps stop inflammation. It really does work and my hair is much better. I do suggest taking b complex vitamins and eating more protein based soups to get in the best nutrition. Vegan protein won't work however, i was a vagen before and it just made my hair thin out, i only realized after increasing protein intake, how it affects hair.

Anyway, there is hope out there for women who suffer from hair thinning. and this is one of those products that will help.

good product but too often out of stock

Mar 10, 2018 by Ben

I love this product but it is way too much out of stock. You should limit the sales to one per person, so we can all buy. I normally have to buy 4 at a time to make sure I don't run out that fast. my family also love it so thats why i need to keep it stocked.

Best product on the market with no side effects

Jan 12, 2018 by Jim H Finchley

I have been using this soap for a pretty good time and feel i am a good candidate to give a review about it. After using it daily, i found that i can easily use it 3 times a week with another shampoo, and still get great results for better quality hair growth. It takes a while, and if you want faster results, eat more protein and drink bone soup. That combination has helped me recover from the thinning hair i was getting, which affects a man's confidence a lot in today's modern stressful society. Glad someone out there created a company like this to help people.

Fantastic product!

Jul 03, 2017 by Daniel U

Im not for writing reviews of any product because nothing really surprises me as much these days, but this is a soap you need to get, whatever your reason, hair problems, skin problems, whatever else. I wish I can post before and after pictures of me, and it has only been 6-7 weeks roughly, my skin has improved and so has my hair. can't fault this in a tiny bit. buy multiple soaps to save money on postage as they do not charge more if you order more than one in terms of postage.

product works, but always out of stock

Sep 11, 2016 by Taylor R

I honestly love this soap for my skin and hair......... but this soap is often too many times out of stock.....and it is hard to get hold of...... this is the read for the 3 stars....... otherwise would be 5 stars as availability is low so I can't get to use it........

healthy hair growth

Mar 25, 2016 by Carter

i have been suffering from thinning hair, and hair that looks dull for god knows how long. I came across these guys a while back, from trying to research on google about hair growth and keeping healthy hair. I found vinegar rinses (which help a lot) and scalp massage routines.

I even used oils for hair growth and getting healthy hair, but after using this soap for a year now, I realized that the soap helped push the barrier. I mean, I know the oiling, and massaging, as well as supplements were helping, but this kinda broke the camel's back, as after this, i started seeing differences, slowly, over time.

If you cannot afford the soap, or can't buy it for whatever reason, then the best thing I can tell you is do whatever they have said in their articles on their website... and you will get results nevertheless, perhaps slower, but surely. The techniques alone are worth thousands of pounds as they only list methods that work.

Good for maintenance of skin

Mar 15, 2016 by Marty

Great stuff for the skin. I wash once a day with this soap and it leaves my skin healthy looking and clean. I stopped getting further acne and my previous acne scars have almost disappeared.

I was told about them by a friend who also uses the taoist soap, so I knew it was decent as he never buys junk from online like some people do. I won't have realized how good this soap was if i wasn't told about it, as I am often skeptical on products and try to keep a natural way to stay healthy. This is one of the products worth buying if you have a skin problem like mine (acne and acne scars).

Stopped inflammation in 2 weeks

Jan 06, 2016 by Daniel H

Worked great for inflammation on the scalp that I had for years and tried everything from medical creams and lotions and herbal remedies. I guess Taoist soap is the modern health product that actually works.

Delivery is relatively good speed. no complaints. But when I reordered in december, orders can be slow during that time of year, so order well before december next time, or after december.

Good for hair growth

Dec 15, 2015 by Mark Nelson

I was recommended this soap by a family friend of ours who was suffering from hair loss and always had scalp problems as far as I knew him. in fact the family made fun of him (i know its bad) of that, as it seemed like such a silly problem to have for almost forever. they have finally fixed this problem and he even looks so different now, and this is how I found out about the soap. It has helped with my own hair thinning, although I haven't yet seen regrowth, I have def noticed hair look thicker, and the hair loss has stopped dramatically.

brilliant soap for hair - my review

Nov 06, 2015 by Gavin Hiensburg

one of the best products out there for hair, especially in the shampoo section and anti inflammatory. thank you so much, my hair already stopped falling and its been a month of use once a week!

Hair Growth Shampoo Reviews , 4.4 5.0 56 56 I got to say, i never seen my cat like anything fragrant before (he smells everything and makes a face when he doesnt like it and runs away) - and this is the only product that eve