Most Effective way to thicken hair – Listed in Order of Importance


There are many products and methods and even remedies to thicken hair for men and women – some work and some don’t – we bothered to take the effort to find the ones that work, and list them in order of effectiveness for male and females – as this can be different in some cases.

1. Nutrition and Hormones 

The most important factor in hair thickening the fastest way, most effective way possible, is by looking at your nutrition and hormones. These two are paired together, as if you have a hormone problem, and imbalance, even slightly, your nutrition absorption will lag behind, even if you eat the best quality foods, organic or whatever else you can imagine – it won’t be getting absorbed – this must be fixed by going on a protein diet for at least 2 weeks (where you eat only lean beef with leafy greens for 2 weeks – you can have egg whites, but nothing else – this is a medicinal diet so it is not something anyone should undertake unless they have a hormone condition such as insulin problem etc).

2. Scalp massage 

This is the most important factor in increasing hair growth, speed and thickness – a regular scalp massage daily is a must to keep this circulation pushing and breaking down scalp calcification. This needs to be done for at least 20 minutes a day without fail.

3. Stopping use of bad shampoos

If you still use medical shampoos that are simply a marketing gimmick, please stop – you are better off using fragrance free baby shampoo for hair growth, than anything else. If you really want a hair thickening product – then do the above two points, and then consider some products listed here.

4. Emotional Stability 

This is often overlooked – but if you purposely get into a habit of getting angry at situations, or emotional – this can affect your hormones directly, and actually force an imbalance to occur. Realize that you are in charge of how you feel, even if others have hurt you, or cause your anger – it is you that decide to eventually react – so if you find yourself caught up in these situations, then change your thoughts, change your friends – as this constant stress of emotions, will affect hormones, and your hair and your skin, and eventually increase your aging process – it is not worth it.