Minoxidil Foam Side Effects – Listed

minoxidil foam side effects The Minoxidil foam that has been around for a while – its practicality seems much more than using the liquid version – but what are the side effects of this foam version and does it still help with hair growth? Is the foam absorbed at the same rate as the liquid or better, or worse?

The problem is that people don’t even know what minoxidil is, and how it even works, and they try to look for buying it right away with some research in forums – problem is, if you start using such a drug, you will get stuck to it for life, and the results are meant to decline with time.

If you haven’t read our post “Does Minoxidil Work?” then please read this first; as that previous post covers important information on how this works, and how you can take advantage of it to the maximum, without having to pay a lifetime supply of Minoxidil.

Side effects of the Minoxidil Foam are as follows: 

1. Water retention: you look fatter, face can also look puffy. This in eastern medicine is a sign that kidneys are being stressed and the aging process has increased in rate. So it is not something to be taken lightly.

2. Sexual dysfunction: Although they say this affects a small percentage of people – this is not true as previously thought. Also, the fact that Kidneys and sexual functions are linked in Eastern medicine, also shows that this makes sense if you have water retention, your sexual ability is also hindered – male or female.

3. More hair loss: this is weird, but true. You actually risk more hair loss from using this product than not using it at all. As explained in our previous post on “How does Minoxidil work” – the product actually increases vessel size temporarily to aid blood flow, if this timing of application is messed with, then the vessels contract, and causing a massive hair shed – and you over all loose more hair in time with missed times – it also depends greatly on what you ate recently and when the minoxidil was applied (foam or liquid).

Would we recommend using Minoxidil? – not really. We try to get people to work for their results than expect 1 single product to do the whole thing (which does not exist so far, at least as far as hair growth is concerned).