Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment Review

The┬áLee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment Reviewed by our specialist team and customer/user feedback proves that this shampoo helps appearance of thick hair (not actually grows thicker hair) – many people look for this kind of cosmetic appearance whilst trying to also stop their hair loss and get hair growth again.

This is a good strategy when approaching hair loss, because it seems to greatly affect confidence in both, men and women – as hair is looked upon as a beauty trait (although we personally believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the concept of this has changed over time and continues to do so).

For a full detailed review, please see our Hair growth shampoo review article here for more details on what the cause of hair loss is, and how to start hair growth in your scalp.

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Smells okay but...

Jul 13, 2017 by Rory

does not work for me, so dont bother buying... tried it for 3 months, and i don\'t think these guys should even call this a hair loss treatment to be honest. not recommended.

Lee stafford hair growth treatment

Nov 30, 2015 by Kelly

I don't think this treatment suits my hair. smells nice tho. but oh well. I got mine from boots and have been using it regularly for 3 weeks now.

Fast delivery but useless

Feb 22, 2015 by Ramzy

I used this for 2 weeks now and it seems to have made my hair worse, so I have to stop using it. I thought i was using it wrong but this product is just not right for me at least.

does not work

Sep 24, 2014 by Yara Mathews

Having been excited to use this for the past 2 months, i have to say, it does not seem to be working at all for me. I won't be buying anymore after this last one is finished. I guess its worth a try but after reading the reviews submitted by people i dont think it works for anyone, its just another styling product for hair.

Looks nice, but useless

Aug 22, 2014 by Martha S

the title says it all - it looks and smells nice, but does not really work. I had high hopes in this but i guess it does not work. i gave two stars as their support was nice and told me that sometimes it does not work on certain types of people.

No ingredients listed, an obvious BS

May 23, 2014 by Martha

They don't list their ingredients of their product, they dont explain how it works, and stupidly enough I bought it, and realized it does not work, instead makes hair feel an odd texture which is hard to comb or brush etc. or maybe its just me it doesnt work on

Does not work

May 04, 2014 by Jessica Richards

Used this to increase hair growth, did not work at all. I tried another product which is like a soap for hair (taoist soap i think its called) and that helped me so much more and also looks like I have more hair growing.

Not was I was expecting

Nov 25, 2013 by Rachel

I bought this product to help improve my hair growth but it only helped condition my hair really well. It makes my hair feel great but that isn't why I bought this.
Plus, I get the 200ml one which runs out really fast so it costs quite a lot too!

Not effective for my hair

Nov 02, 2013 by Roberto Milango

When i first used it, i loved the smell (being a guy, i dont say this much) and i loved the way it made my hair appear thicker and shiney in a healthy way.

after about 3 months of using tho, my hair does not look like that and it seems that the effect has worn off so i will not be using it once my bottle runs out.

did not help

Nov 02, 2013 by Anthony Ferrer

This did not help my hair condition at all, and only just read that it is for only artifically enhancing hair or some crap, which should say it clearly on their website and product if they are going to sell something like that.

not happy about it and wished i could get a refund for this silly product.

Hair Growth Shampoo Reviews , 1.8 3.0 11 11 does not work for me, so dont bother buying... tried it for 3 months, and i don\'t think these guys should even call this a hair loss treatment to be honest. not recommended.