Lee Stafford Hair Growth Shampoo Review

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Shampoo Review There are many reviews on the Lee Stafford Hair growth shampoo – but does the Lee stafford shampoo actually work for hair growth and speeding up hair growth for hair that never grows longer?

Yes and no – the ingredients in the Lee stafford shampoo, whilst having some level of basic support for hair, does not justify speeding of hair growth, or even increasing hair growth for hair that does not grow past a certain length.

Reviews that have been submitted for the Lee stafford shampoo state that they seen results in terms of hair shaft increasing – this is an artificial effect, and will go after a few hours – it simply is like putting fat over your hair, making it seem thicker, but it does not actually thicken or grow.

To actually make hair grow past a certain length, you need to have a hair growth regime, and this should involve the correct nutritious diet, healthy exercise plan that covers ligament exercises (Yoga, Qigong), muscle and bone development as well as scalp massage and using the right hair growth shampoo, such as the ones reviewed and rated at our homepage here: http://www.hairgrowthshampooreviews.com - This is where all the best and the worst shampoos are listed and reviewed in a chart form, so that you can easily understand what the shampoo is rated on, based on.

The reason you have to do scalp massage is because hair has a direct relation with blood vessels, and scalp massage opens up the vessels and increases blood flow – see this article on getting thicker hair - and this is the reason why scalp massage is vital to your success.

So does this mean you should not try the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Shampoo?

We are not against this shampoo – but we have to say, it has little value in terms of getting actual hair growth results and speeding hair growth. You can still try and see what it does to your hair, but the chances are unlikely – some people simply like using the shampoo as a shampoo, rather than a hair growth shampoo, so the choice is still yours.

If you are still considering real hair growth shampoos – know that only a shampoo alone is not enough for getting powerful results, and that a regime is required to get results over time. Yes, the shampoos listed on our homepage can help, but you still must do your part as explained above.