How to keep skin looking young?

hairgrowthmethodsYou ever wondered how to get that youthful glow as you were a teenager? or simply how to get that young skin instead of letting it get old and wrinkly or just dull over time?

This is not a big stretch for a human being to look young for its lifetime – we have understood how the body works to such an extent, that we know it is possible.

Not only that, if you simply look at celebrities, there are a lot of them who have seemed to never age a day past – thinking Keanu Reeves or others – but simply a google search will show you, there are many celebs that never really aged as the way we think aging really is – and there are some reasons for this, which are not just genetics – we have understood this in Eastern medicine as well as the latest scientific research.

So how do you really keep skin looking young and stay youthful?

1. Emotions: This is a vital part of the entire regime of staying young looking. If your emotions are not stable, and you are constantly shouting at your kids, or husband or wife, then how can you expect to conserve any energy for your youthful looks?

It is possible to maintain emotions; this will involve meditation on a daily basis. Meditation has been known, beyond concept, on the power it gives individuals who meditate at least 15 minutes a day. Remember, when you meditate, you need to switch your phone off, and lock the door, so no distractions can happen – if you get shocked or rudely awoke from meditation, it can be very unpleasant, and damaging – bird sounds or car sounds are fine – as you know they will be there.

It is known and proven, that people who meditate regularly, are years younger looking than the same age groups that never do – and it is never too late to start this, as boring as it sounds, it is just as powerful when done consistently.

When emotions are balanced, the hormones don’t get abused, and used up. We already know hormones are the secret to youthful looks – but we never knew how to balance them using emotions – now you know, so practice it daily!

2. Nutrition: If you don’t eat the right nutrition, then don’t expect any miracles. You need to eat the right things to have the youthful looks you are looking for – staying a healthy low weight will do wonders to look younger – but you also need to build strength by going on a fast, or a protein diet (lean meats and leafy greens only) – this is what renews you from the toxicity of sugar based diets which are very prominent in the western world (and now also most of the eastern world).

A collagen and biotin supplement with the above diets will also greatly help. This will also help hair growth and thickening hair in the long term.

3. Wash your face regularly, 2-3 times a day with cold water, and no soap or anything. This will do wonders for your skin on the face, and keep you youthful looking. In eastern medicine, it will keep the heat energy away (this is not the same as normal heat but refers to inflammation) which will prevent further aging at the same rate.

You can also use the Taoist soap as we recommend for hair thickening on our homepage (it can be used on the skin and scalp, and helps renew the skin and keep it youthful and soft). But you don’t need to use it daily – less is more in this case.