Hair Loss Cures – List of Ways to find your Cure

hair loss cures

Hair thinning is a big problem in modern society for men and women alike – but what is a cure or at least a remedy to stop this progression further, and possibly grow back some of the lost hair?

There never was one exact remedy or cure discovered – as each hair loss is very unique to each individual, but hair loss happens from the following reasons:

- Inflammation of the scalp

- Lack of blood circulation to follicles

- Hormone Imbalance (including insulin problems)

- Diet is poor

- Stress

Now, if you are looking to find your cure – you have to assume, you have all the above – and target each one individually and at a strategic level.

For inflammation, you need to be on an anti inflammatory diet – and possibly use one of the products listed on our top hair growth shampoos here.

For lack of circulation, which is 90% of the time a major contributing factor in hair thinning – you can scalp massage 3 times a day for 30 minutes (yes it’s a lot, but yes it does work).

For hormone imbalances, going on a lean meat diet will help you recover this and restore normal hormone function – you should still see a doctor about this to guide you.

The poor diet will require at least B complex supplements and Niacin to be taken – also to eat with foods that also contain these vitamins.

Stress factors, well, the B complex vitamins will help cope a lot, but intense exercise will also help release the stress in a very proper manner and push hormone system balance as well as use up sugar in the bloodstream, and this will prevent inflammation from damaging further.