Dutasteride vs Finasteride – Side Effects and Treatment

dutasteride vs finasteride


Both Dutasteride and Finasteride have been compared, side effects and how bad or good each is – in terms of treatment of hair growth but also least amount of side effects compared.

The problem with this approach is that patients are trying to find one with lesser side effects, and one that is worth going for – but its like saying, would you rather be shot by a shotgun or a pistol – the damage is enough to not be worth it in any case, as to even keep any results (which are very minimal and hardly noticeable to another person) you have to take the pills for life.

Both of these drugs are going to produce dangerous and permanent side effects which remain after stopping the pills – the worst part of it all is, that they do not even handle hair loss in the way it needs to be dealt with in the first place.

Hair loss is caused by inflammation – no matter what – end of story. Even if your hair is falling from a hormonal reason, it is still because the hormone imbalance is causing the inflammation which burns off the hair follicles that wants to produce hair – if this imbalance is stopped, hair will regenerate – till this day, scientists have not been able to find a way to permanently kill hair – so there is no such thing as dead hair follicles – they are part of our skin, and our skin is constantly changing and totally replaced in 4-5 weeks – so the skin you had a few months ago, including follicles, is a completely different one you have today – in fact, the whole body is replaced 100% every 10 to 15 years – so it is hard to actually kill a hair follicle and keep it dead if the conditions are right for it.

To set the right conditions you need to be on an anti-inflammatory diet – and you need to be working on emotional healing (this has a direct link with hormones by the way) – you also have to increase blood circulation to your scalp (scalp massage every day) and to further boost it, you can use a product recommended here in our homepage based on reviews and effectiveness (currently it is the Taoist soap) – you can also increase your exercise routine and workout 3-5 times a day at minimum, this is vital to your healing and restoration of your hair on your head – no matter what your age.

For those that talk about genetics being a limitation factor – it is not – it just means you work harder to counteract the way your body will behave – there is no such thing as genes that says at this age you lose hair – we have not come to that advance level of genetics just yet (otherwise we would be able to trace the whole face of the person with a DNA sample!) – so don’t buy into the hype about DNA and genetics, we already have many studies that show DNA is constantly changing depending on your daily pattern – and this should give you enough hope to take action to improve your body and mind, as well as your emotions (often hair loss is common in people who have high anxiety and emotions, like anger or other forms of negative emotions).

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