Do Hair Growth Products Work?

do hair growth products work


Often people look for hair growth products online and offline – searching for the right pill or gel or shampoo that will regrow and thicken their hair, even drugs with dangerous side effects are an option for many when it comes to trying to thickening their hair growth – but do hair growth products work?

Of course it depends on each individual to what degree a product will work – as some people have more complications than others – and as human beings, it is important to understand, that although we are the same species, and have the same organs, does not mean we have the same exact rhythm of heart beat, hormone release, stress management, emotional management and even thought management.

This is often overlooked by so many people, and this is what makes or breaks a product to work for you.

For example, John has thinning hair. He simply buys a shampoo online and tries to thicken his hair by using it daily – he doesn’t see any results, so he leaves a negative review of the company.

If John knew, his physiology in more detail, he would have been able to help himself better – if he knew that because of his bad eating patterns for 20 years, his arteries are not circulating enough blood and nutrients to his scalp is contributing to the hair loss, as well as his anxious nature of always easily worrying about every situation in front of him (worrying releases direct stress hormones, which causes a hormone imbalance if it becomes a nature of a person).

If John knew that by simply increasing exercise his nerves will be able to relax (intense breath taking exercise at whatever his level is), and change his nature of anxious driven to relaxed even in tough situations; helping his hormone situation, in turn helping his hair growth and hair growth products to work better on him – he would not have left the negative review and would have raved about it instead.

Just to continue the example, if John also knew that drinking vinegar (of a certain type) will help his clogged circulation over long term (see article on this here) as well as applying the same type of vinegar a few times a month diluted in water on the scalp, will break down plaque, and THEN used a hair growth shampoo reviews product from the list, he will see he benefits immensely.

So the problem is to take responsibility for your health, be it physical health or mental health – both are important for overall well being.

So yes, they work – but varies with your level of health, as well as the product itself (as there are many products that also don’t work – please see homepage for the top rated ones by customers and third party websites).