Diet and Hair Loss – Effects and Benefits

diet and hair loss

Diet surely has a direct effect on hair and hair loss – as well as how thick your hair will be when you are much older – as some foods will cause calcification of the scalp, faster than other foods – and this means thinning of hair over time, at a faster rate – this is why some people lose hair at a slower rate, and some at a very fast rate, almost just a few months to reach the worst state possible.

Diet rich in sugar and carbs is bound to affect the hair negatively as this will play with the hormones and increase inflammation way too much – the insulin hormone will also play a vital role, and when unstable due to a high calorie (high carbs and sugar) diet, then you will have a very hard time thickening your hair naturally.

Thickening hair with your diet has to have a few layers – one is to make sure you get your B vitamins – as they will help you tremendously for new hair growth and the quality of hair growth. Secondly, scalp massage and rubbing on the scalp regularly is needed to break off the calcification of the hair follicles (which then prevents the hair from growing at its best, or even at all).

Calcification of the hair comes from chronic inflammation of the scalp – so you would need to tackle it in two ways – scalp massage, and doing things that are anti-inflammatory – from foods, to exercise and to the right products such as anti-inflammatory one rated on our homepage – or similar hair growth shampoo reviews.

That said – being on a diet that causes hair loss is possible – and this is either high carbs and sugar – or very low carbs (hardly eating enough nutrition!) – and this latter one is much more dangerous as you are putting your health at a very high risk (although eating a lot still does that too) – so you need to find a balance.

A lean protein diet will actually benefits the hair growth – but make sure it is lean meats, not fatty foods – and not combined with carbs like rice or breads – eating that for even 2 weeks every month will help you start renewing your hair follicles – but do make sure you do your scalp massage, as this will greatly help you get faster results.