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How to keep skin looking young?

hairgrowthmethodsYou ever wondered how to get that youthful glow as you were a teenager? or simply how to get that young skin instead of letting it get old and wrinkly or just dull over time?

This is not a big stretch for a human being to look young for its lifetime – we have understood how the body works to such an extent, that we know it is possible.

Not only that, if you simply look at celebrities, there are a lot of them who have seemed to never age a day past – thinking Keanu Reeves or others – but simply a google search will show you, there are many celebs that never really aged as the way we think aging really is – and there are some reasons for this, which are not just genetics – we have understood this in Eastern medicine as well as the latest scientific research.

So how do you really keep skin looking young and stay youthful?

1. Emotions: This is a vital part of the entire regime of staying young looking. If your emotions are not stable, and you are constantly shouting at your kids, or husband or wife, then how can you expect to conserve any energy for your youthful looks?

It is possible to maintain emotions; this will involve meditation on a daily basis. Meditation has been known, beyond concept, on the power it gives individuals who meditate at least 15 minutes a day. Remember, when you meditate, you need to switch your phone off, and lock the door, so no distractions can happen – if you get shocked or rudely awoke from meditation, it can be very unpleasant, and damaging – bird sounds or car sounds are fine – as you know they will be there.

It is known and proven, that people who meditate regularly, are years younger looking than the same age groups that never do – and it is never too late to start this, as boring as it sounds, it is just as powerful when done consistently.

When emotions are balanced, the hormones don’t get abused, and used up. We already know hormones are the secret to youthful looks – but we never knew how to balance them using emotions – now you know, so practice it daily!

2. Nutrition: If you don’t eat the right nutrition, then don’t expect any miracles. You need to eat the right things to have the youthful looks you are looking for – staying a healthy low weight will do wonders to look younger – but you also need to build strength by going on a fast, or a protein diet (lean meats and leafy greens only) – this is what renews you from the toxicity of sugar based diets which are very prominent in the western world (and now also most of the eastern world).

A collagen and biotin supplement with the above diets will also greatly help. This will also help hair growth and thickening hair in the long term.

3. Wash your face regularly, 2-3 times a day with cold water, and no soap or anything. This will do wonders for your skin on the face, and keep you youthful looking. In eastern medicine, it will keep the heat energy away (this is not the same as normal heat but refers to inflammation) which will prevent further aging at the same rate.

You can also use the Taoist soap as we recommend for hair thickening on our homepage (it can be used on the skin and scalp, and helps renew the skin and keep it youthful and soft). But you don’t need to use it daily – less is more in this case.



Diet and Hair Loss – Effects and Benefits

diet and hair loss

Diet surely has a direct effect on hair and hair loss – as well as how thick your hair will be when you are much older – as some foods will cause calcification of the scalp, faster than other foods – and this means thinning of hair over time, at a faster rate – this is why some people lose hair at a slower rate, and some at a very fast rate, almost just a few months to reach the worst state possible.

Diet rich in sugar and carbs is bound to affect the hair negatively as this will play with the hormones and increase inflammation way too much – the insulin hormone will also play a vital role, and when unstable due to a high calorie (high carbs and sugar) diet, then you will have a very hard time thickening your hair naturally.

Thickening hair with your diet has to have a few layers – one is to make sure you get your B vitamins – as they will help you tremendously for new hair growth and the quality of hair growth. Secondly, scalp massage and rubbing on the scalp regularly is needed to break off the calcification of the hair follicles (which then prevents the hair from growing at its best, or even at all).

Calcification of the hair comes from chronic inflammation of the scalp – so you would need to tackle it in two ways – scalp massage, and doing things that are anti-inflammatory – from foods, to exercise and to the right products such as anti-inflammatory one rated on our homepage – or similar hair growth shampoo reviews.

That said – being on a diet that causes hair loss is possible – and this is either high carbs and sugar – or very low carbs (hardly eating enough nutrition!) – and this latter one is much more dangerous as you are putting your health at a very high risk (although eating a lot still does that too) – so you need to find a balance.

A lean protein diet will actually benefits the hair growth – but make sure it is lean meats, not fatty foods – and not combined with carbs like rice or breads – eating that for even 2 weeks every month will help you start renewing your hair follicles – but do make sure you do your scalp massage, as this will greatly help you get faster results.



Do Hair Growth Products Work?

do hair growth products work


Often people look for hair growth products online and offline – searching for the right pill or gel or shampoo that will regrow and thicken their hair, even drugs with dangerous side effects are an option for many when it comes to trying to thickening their hair growth – but do hair growth products work?

Of course it depends on each individual to what degree a product will work – as some people have more complications than others – and as human beings, it is important to understand, that although we are the same species, and have the same organs, does not mean we have the same exact rhythm of heart beat, hormone release, stress management, emotional management and even thought management.

This is often overlooked by so many people, and this is what makes or breaks a product to work for you.

For example, John has thinning hair. He simply buys a shampoo online and tries to thicken his hair by using it daily – he doesn’t see any results, so he leaves a negative review of the company.

If John knew, his physiology in more detail, he would have been able to help himself better – if he knew that because of his bad eating patterns for 20 years, his arteries are not circulating enough blood and nutrients to his scalp is contributing to the hair loss, as well as his anxious nature of always easily worrying about every situation in front of him (worrying releases direct stress hormones, which causes a hormone imbalance if it becomes a nature of a person).

If John knew that by simply increasing exercise his nerves will be able to relax (intense breath taking exercise at whatever his level is), and change his nature of anxious driven to relaxed even in tough situations; helping his hormone situation, in turn helping his hair growth and hair growth products to work better on him – he would not have left the negative review and would have raved about it instead.

Just to continue the example, if John also knew that drinking vinegar (of a certain type) will help his clogged circulation over long term (see article on this here) as well as applying the same type of vinegar a few times a month diluted in water on the scalp, will break down plaque, and THEN used a hair growth shampoo reviews product from the list, he will see he benefits immensely.

So the problem is to take responsibility for your health, be it physical health or mental health – both are important for overall well being.

So yes, they work – but varies with your level of health, as well as the product itself (as there are many products that also don’t work – please see homepage for the top rated ones by customers and third party websites).

Dutasteride vs Finasteride – Side Effects and Treatment

dutasteride vs finasteride


Both Dutasteride and Finasteride have been compared, side effects and how bad or good each is – in terms of treatment of hair growth but also least amount of side effects compared.

The problem with this approach is that patients are trying to find one with lesser side effects, and one that is worth going for – but its like saying, would you rather be shot by a shotgun or a pistol – the damage is enough to not be worth it in any case, as to even keep any results (which are very minimal and hardly noticeable to another person) you have to take the pills for life.

Both of these drugs are going to produce dangerous and permanent side effects which remain after stopping the pills – the worst part of it all is, that they do not even handle hair loss in the way it needs to be dealt with in the first place.

Hair loss is caused by inflammation – no matter what – end of story. Even if your hair is falling from a hormonal reason, it is still because the hormone imbalance is causing the inflammation which burns off the hair follicles that wants to produce hair – if this imbalance is stopped, hair will regenerate – till this day, scientists have not been able to find a way to permanently kill hair – so there is no such thing as dead hair follicles – they are part of our skin, and our skin is constantly changing and totally replaced in 4-5 weeks – so the skin you had a few months ago, including follicles, is a completely different one you have today – in fact, the whole body is replaced 100% every 10 to 15 years – so it is hard to actually kill a hair follicle and keep it dead if the conditions are right for it.

To set the right conditions you need to be on an anti-inflammatory diet – and you need to be working on emotional healing (this has a direct link with hormones by the way) – you also have to increase blood circulation to your scalp (scalp massage every day) and to further boost it, you can use a product recommended here in our homepage based on reviews and effectiveness (currently it is the Taoist soap) – you can also increase your exercise routine and workout 3-5 times a day at minimum, this is vital to your healing and restoration of your hair on your head – no matter what your age.

For those that talk about genetics being a limitation factor – it is not – it just means you work harder to counteract the way your body will behave – there is no such thing as genes that says at this age you lose hair – we have not come to that advance level of genetics just yet (otherwise we would be able to trace the whole face of the person with a DNA sample!) – so don’t buy into the hype about DNA and genetics, we already have many studies that show DNA is constantly changing depending on your daily pattern – and this should give you enough hope to take action to improve your body and mind, as well as your emotions (often hair loss is common in people who have high anxiety and emotions, like anger or other forms of negative emotions).

Please remember to see our verified hair growth shampoo reviews listed on the site.



Rogaine foam – Does it work?

how long for rogaine to work


The amount of questions about Rogaine and how long it takes for it to work and if it works on women, or if it works on hairline are all popular questions we can answer here on this post – but first – how does Rogaine actually work?

It works by simply increasing blood circulation to the area applied (we talked about it in our old article here, but we wanted to expand on this) – and this is the reason you have to take it for life, because if you stop taking it, the blood supply will shorten, and hair will fall out again – and often times, will worsen because the increased blood supply helps build even more capillaries, but when Rogaine is stopped, the capillaries collapse, so blood that used to go before Rogaine use, cannot go through!

This is the reason we discourage use of Rogaine – as the chances are, you will see results in the first 3-6 months – but after that, the results diminish, and often, go back to just 1% better – and to maintain that, you have to spend on buying these every single month!

Are there alternative methods? Yes of course – massaging the scalp 30 minutes a day achieves the same result but permanent, and once you reach your desired result, you don’t have to keep massaging the scalp anymore – why? Because the massaging of the scalp not only increased circulation, but it also unblocks the previously blocked circulation due to aging/lifestyle choices – those capillaries are easily blocked and regular massage is enough to unblock them (1 blood cell can go at one time through them – that’s how small they are!).

Some people get inflammation increased after massaging regularly – this is simply because the toxins are released from the massage, and the body is unable to handle it – its good to keep going, but its also important to do two other things – 1. stop feeding the inflammation – inflammation feeds from sugars and carbs – so stop eating this or reduce it by 99% and you will notice how inflammation (itchy scalp, or painful scalp is reduced) is reduced – and 2. use a product to counteract the inflammation – we have some listed on this page - reviewed by everyone, and rated by real users – often, lifestyle changes are enough, but some people want to accelerate their results, hence why products have been made to counteract the inflammation – (inflammation is the key reason for hair loss, in men and women – even if its a hormonal or genetic reason – the key reason is because those factors increase inflammation and inflammation then burns the hair follicles).

Can I use the Rogaine foam and does that work?

Yes the Rogaine foam is the same as the normal Rogaine – but again, you still have to use it for life – and results are very minimal compared to making real life changes. Many people see results, but they diminish after constant use – and only about 1% of the results actually stay – but even then, after long term use, they too vanish – as the body and its blood vessels get more clogged due to the lifestyle of the user (most people suffering from hair loss have a life style which revolves around a lot of sugars fats and carbohydrates) – yes there are people with full heads of hair and still eat sugars and carbs at a high rate – that simply means their body capacity is larger, but they are draining their capacity and if they live long enough the same results will occur to them too!

We don’t ask you to take our word about it – try the changes and you will see for yourself – natural healing is possible, but very few actually understand how it works, and even fewer want to share it for various reasons.

Inflammation of Scalp and Hair loss – Natural and Powerful Treatment Methods

how to stop scalp pain


Any pain in the scalp is inflammation – even a itchy scalp is inflammation – we often misunderstand inflammation and think it means it has to be hot, but even a cold itch anywhere in the body is inflammation – and if you have this in the scalp, it is inflammation and this can be contributing to your hair thinning and aging process.

How do you stop this process or even slow it down?

This is the least talked about subject, but it is vital to understand when people are looking for real solutions rather than just buying a product.

One has to understand that inflammation occurs in the body from various reasons – but what feeds inflammation is sugar – by sugar we mean fats (healthy and unhealthy fats), sugar (fruit sugar or white sugar) and all carbohydrates (yes, this means breads, pasta and rice).

All the above feed inflammation and without controlling these foods and limiting them, we cannot bypass inflammation that easily – so the first step is to go on a lean protein and steamed greens diet – this means you eat beef, chicken or white fish and do this diet for 3-6 months – some people gradually get into the diet by consuming more meats (but they have to be fat free) and less carbs and sugar over time – but if you want real fast results, you have to be on a no carb/sugar/fat diet for at least 3-6 months.

If you are suffering from inflammation right now, and have a painful scalp (to touch, or just feels sore) – then you can wash it with cold water in the shower – this is like ice packing when your leg or arm gets injured in sports. If your scalp is cold and does not have much sensation, and you are suffering from hair thinning, then it is a cold inflammation, which means you have to wash it with warm water and massage it regularly (both causes can benefit from massage however) to increase blood circulation and getting rid of the toxic/stagnant blood in that region.


Diabetes and Hair Loss



Diabetics often suffer from hair thinning – is this is the same type of hair loss as normal people who get hair loss? or is this different?

All hair loss is a result of inflammation – be it from diabetes or simply lack of blood circulation or a hormone problem (from DHT to women’s hormone imbalance). Yes, if you have diabetes and you suffer from thinning hair, then you have to work harder to get your hair back; this is done by first resolving the problem of diabetes.

In eastern medicine, Diabetes is not even considered a disease as such – it is simply lack of exercise and over indulgence in rich food (sugar, carbs and fat). To reverse the damage from diabetes, one must go on a pure lean protein diet lifestyle; this is important to fully reverse and rejuvenate the internal organs and allow insulin production to normalize – often people say to eat more sugar or carbs to keep sugar levels balanced, but this is not accurate; it is the sugar and carbs that caused this condition in the first place – so starting a lean protein meal and increasing exercise over time, will surely get rid of this problem – it has been done many times, a simple google search can help.

Now the good news is, if you work on your Diabetes, you will naturally grow thicker hair, you may even reverse the greying hairs, but this can take longer (1 year or more in some people), but it is possible.

The same needs to be done for people who are borderline diabetic (you may not even know this) – but if you eat a lot of rich foods, and don’t exercise much (walking to and from work does not count as exercise, sorry), then you are heading towards a insulin problem.

So does this mean diabetes can cause hair loss?

Yes it can – because the insulin hormone is not balanced, and this directly affects the whole body and its rate of inflammation. The fact that it is also related with lack of exercise shows that blood circulation might not be that great in the individual; so exercising is vital to help complete renewal of the body (yes, even if you are 50+ you can do this).

Does Masterbation Cause Hair Loss?

Does Masturbation Cause hair loss


People often ask if masturbation or sexual activity can cause hair loss in men or women – in our article, does sex cause hair loss, we talked about how the human body never takes another organs vitality, but only for the rule of procreation, survival and sex, it will sacrifice itself for the sake of the future generation – and we discussed how this can drain the body fluids which are vital in maintaining youthful appearance of skin and hair and face.

The thing is, it is about creating a balance – it does not mean you go celibate and put yourself in misery – it means regulating it and building self control when you want to, and letting go when you want to – and some of it involved training yourself delayed ejculation as a man, some involves self control and not looking at sexual images to prevent even thinking about it (even if you do think about it all the time, the intent to not thing about it, will help a lot over time).

So if you do masturabate a lot – try reducing it to once every week, and build up – you will see that the opposite sex also notices you more, simply because you have retained your vitality – try it yourself, rather than looking for scientific studies done on this, as you won’t find many studies, as most companies that invest time in studying the human body, are pharmaceutical companies, and the only time they will openly share the results of their studies, is if it compliments their own patented products – because it is about business, not about actually giving a cure.

So a hair loss prevention regime could be reduction in sexual activity  - and instead, make sex more pleasurable and longer when you do have it by building your PC muscles and other exercises for your body – this improves quality of life, and helps your hair growth, what more could you ask for?

If you improve your lifestyle radically, and diet as well as take one or two of the top rated hair growth products, then you can definitely have more sex and still maintain health – but remember, balance is key.


B-Complex Vitamins for Hair Growth – How and Why?

b complex for hair thickening

Do B-complex vitamins help with hair loss or not? and if so, how does it help and how much regrowth can be expected?

Studies have shown that B-complex can help – but many have not been dramatic enough to be famously known online – as they are in journals and internal studies only available to research or pharmaceutical companies who use it to help build their own products.

The problem is – many studies show B-complex being taken in lower amounts, and with nothing else going on in the patients body – no exercise, no diet specific to helping inflammation let alone hair growth – the entire approach to medicine in this case, is flawed.

Its like saying, putting petrol in a car tank will make the car move – this is false, the car has to be ignited on using the key correct for the car itself – and it has to be the right type of gas, because a diesel car will not work on petrol – what do we mean by this?

It means that B-complex taken with foods which also have B-complex is better absorbed, and on top of that – to push this B-complex all over the body, one needs to have enough exercise per day, so blood circulation goes to all areas of the body – believe it or not, not all blood goes and circulates the whole body, some of the blood is slower, or stagnant as referred to in eastern medicine and acupuncture – to move this blood, one has to exercise intensely – things like jump rope or skipping, or jogging help a lot – but combined exercises help the most (so one day running, next day yoga, next day weight training and another walking) – so the delivery mechanism of B-complex and other vitamins and minerals, is exercise and breathing deeply – exercise pushed stagnant blood out and processes it, and breathing deeper to the belly button helps detox the body from the toxins in the body (also in the stagnant blood), which if left untreated, causes faster inflammation to occur after eating sweets fats or carbs.

So yes, B-complex helps with hair growth – but you need to deliver it to the body the correct way – not just fill up the tank in the car, but start it too, and adjust the gears to move forward and get results – its not as simple as looking at clinical trials and concluding right after, as things are not always what they seem in science.

But how does B-complex actually help hair regrowth and stopping hair loss?

Once the B-complex is delivered, it acts as a cushion on the nerves all over the body – ability to handle stress is increased, this means stress hormones are not released that easily – this also means hair follicles don’t get inflamed because stress itself is what causes the hair follicles to shrink, reduce circulation and die off after inflammation.

Stress not only tightens various areas in the scalp, but also the body and face (make you look very different) – but over time, stress feels normal, that your body handles it by pretending its not even there – so you stop feeling the aches and pains, so you think you are not stressed at all – but after a good exercise session, you feel even more relaxed; this itself is proof you were previously stressed, but did not realize it as your awareness was not there – this is vital to understand – re-read this paragraph because it will save you years of problems in your own life as well as others who you will tell.

If you found this post helpful, please do share it with family and friends you care about – we need to get this information out there so people are better equipped with knowledge to handle everyday life problems.

Can too much Sex cause Hair Loss?

hair growth shampoo


It has often been repeated in magazines of all kinds (especially those beauty magazines for women and also men) – that having more sex is good for you (due to it releasing happy hormones in the brain and retains boyish looks in men) – but there is a limit to this, because too much sex can be equally bad, or even worse on many cases.

The body generally never gives priority to any other process in the body, it will not sacrifice itself to help another organ for example – but it will sacrifice its vitality for the sake of reproduction – so even if you are unwell, and don’t have enough energy to produce sperm, the body will breakdown important compounds in various organs and make it – it will even weaken your organs to the extent of death just to produce more sperm if needed.

This is why, too much sex can cause hair thinning, skin dulling, as well as premature aging (looking older, faster). This applies to men and women – as women also release vital fluids which are important for their own health and well being.

This does not mean no sex – but if you are aiming to re-grow hair, or improve your looks and are changing your diet and buying expensive natural products to help you get there, it could be worth the effort to avoid it for 2 weeks, and see how that takes you – some fighters are known to not have sex for months before a fight (boxing, martial arts etc) to retain their strength – this so called strength is your youth, your immune system, your health – its not just muscle power like some people may think.

Some people claim that it is virtually impossible for them to hold back – but this is actually not true – you need to stop the habit of thinking about it – we are taught as kids to think about it from the media and friends that we meet as well as movies – but whilst this is fun, thinking about something you don’t want to be doing is like taking one step forward and two step backwards – its counterproductive and will make it painful to control.

It is often looked down upon (especially in men friend circles) that you haven’t had sex in so and so time duration – but this should really be the opposite, as those people that retain their vital fluids can be smarter, more vibrant and youthful – but when you do have sex, don’t feel guilty about it either – this guilt won’t help.

Again – the key comes in balance – which has been repeated time and time again, but only a handful ever understand before its too late.