Most Effective way to thicken hair – Listed in Order of Importance


There are many products and methods and even remedies to thicken hair for men and women – some work and some don’t – we bothered to take the effort to find the ones that work, and list them in order of effectiveness for male and females – as this can be different in some cases.

1. Nutrition and Hormones 

The most important factor in hair thickening the fastest way, most effective way possible, is by looking at your nutrition and hormones. These two are paired together, as if you have a hormone problem, and imbalance, even slightly, your nutrition absorption will lag behind, even if you eat the best quality foods, organic or whatever else you can imagine – it won’t be getting absorbed – this must be fixed by going on a protein diet for at least 2 weeks (where you eat only lean beef with leafy greens for 2 weeks – you can have egg whites, but nothing else – this is a medicinal diet so it is not something anyone should undertake unless they have a hormone condition such as insulin problem etc).

2. Scalp massage 

This is the most important factor in increasing hair growth, speed and thickness – a regular scalp massage daily is a must to keep this circulation pushing and breaking down scalp calcification. This needs to be done for at least 20 minutes a day without fail.

3. Stopping use of bad shampoos

If you still use medical shampoos that are simply a marketing gimmick, please stop – you are better off using fragrance free baby shampoo for hair growth, than anything else. If you really want a hair thickening product – then do the above two points, and then consider some products listed here.

4. Emotional Stability 

This is often overlooked – but if you purposely get into a habit of getting angry at situations, or emotional – this can affect your hormones directly, and actually force an imbalance to occur. Realize that you are in charge of how you feel, even if others have hurt you, or cause your anger – it is you that decide to eventually react – so if you find yourself caught up in these situations, then change your thoughts, change your friends – as this constant stress of emotions, will affect hormones, and your hair and your skin, and eventually increase your aging process – it is not worth it.

Will Spraying Himalayan Salt water Reduce Hair loss and Increase Hair Growth?

will spraying himalayan salt water on scalp reduce hair loss and increase hair growth

Himalayan salt has been known for many healing qualities – knowing hair loss is hard to fix, can himalayan salt actually help hair growth and stop hair loss?

In eastern medicine, it is understood that the hair on the head belongs to the Kidney – and that flavour or taste if Kidney energy, is associated with salt, and also water element – and for this reason, some people pray salt on the scalp to help hair growth – but does this logic actually work?

Acupuncturists say that this was not how this was meant to be used but they do say that salt such as himalayan salt can help towards hair loss, but using it alone as a treatment won’t be enough for someone suffering from inflammation and hormone imbalances. For that, you need to do a regime, that can target a deeper level as well as the superficial level. So whilst himalayan salt water sprays can help detox the scalp, as well as help hair growth, it is recommended to carry out other things to help you grow hair and stop hair loss.

Some of those things are as follows:

Nutrition: You need to consume the right nutrition. Collagen a day keeps the hair on the head they say. It is the building blocks for hair and skin, and has been proven to help and contribute.

Emotional balance: This is a tricky one to understand as many people think the way we feel, emotions we go through won’t affect our hair and skin and how we operate. But this is far from the truth – it directly affects hormones and this directly affects the whole body. Learn to meditate everyday for even ten minutes a day to help refocus the mind – just ten minutes a day done for 6 months changed your RNA expression already.

Scalp massage: Many sites talk about scalp massage, but this is still the number one most underrated method to help decalcify the scalp and renew the hair growth as well as reduce inflammation.

Products for hair growth and helping stop hair loss

There are many products out there that help stop hair loss, and you can have a look at this page (click here) to view the top products and why they are rated.

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Men’s Rogaine Foam Side Effects (A Study)

Rogaine Foam is a newer form of the Rogaine classic liquid droplets – and although some people perceive that side effects of Rogaine foam are different, they theoretically should be exactly the same as anything else – the only reason it is in foam format, is for the sake of easier application (or perceived easier application).

The worst reported side effects are as follows:

  • severe scalp irritation;
  • unwanted growth of facial hair;
  • chest pain, fast heartbeats;
  • swelling in your hands or feet, rapid weight gain;
  • a light-headed feeling, like you might pass out;
  • headache, dizziness, confusion; or
  • flushing (warmth, redness, or tingly feeling)

These side effects don’t occur in just everyone – but the risk is always going to be there.

Is Rogaine foam any different in helping hair growth?

The application is different, but it is the same effectiveness as any Minoxidil product. And minoxidil, the main ingredient of Rogaine and Rogaine foam, which helps temporarily increase hair growth, but after time, it stops working – their are better methods and alternative methods to minoxidil which would produce better results, and would be better in terms of long term use. Please see our blog for these methods as we have talked about them all over the website.

Rogaine for hair is it effective

How to keep skin looking young?

hairgrowthmethodsYou ever wondered how to get that youthful glow as you were a teenager? or simply how to get that young skin instead of letting it get old and wrinkly or just dull over time?

This is not a big stretch for a human being to look young for its lifetime – we have understood how the body works to such an extent, that we know it is possible.

Not only that, if you simply look at celebrities, there are a lot of them who have seemed to never age a day past – thinking Keanu Reeves or others – but simply a google search will show you, there are many celebs that never really aged as the way we think aging really is – and there are some reasons for this, which are not just genetics – we have understood this in Eastern medicine as well as the latest scientific research.

So how do you really keep skin looking young and stay youthful?

1. Emotions: This is a vital part of the entire regime of staying young looking. If your emotions are not stable, and you are constantly shouting at your kids, or husband or wife, then how can you expect to conserve any energy for your youthful looks?

It is possible to maintain emotions; this will involve meditation on a daily basis. Meditation has been known, beyond concept, on the power it gives individuals who meditate at least 15 minutes a day. Remember, when you meditate, you need to switch your phone off, and lock the door, so no distractions can happen – if you get shocked or rudely awoke from meditation, it can be very unpleasant, and damaging – bird sounds or car sounds are fine – as you know they will be there.

It is known and proven, that people who meditate regularly, are years younger looking than the same age groups that never do – and it is never too late to start this, as boring as it sounds, it is just as powerful when done consistently.

When emotions are balanced, the hormones don’t get abused, and used up. We already know hormones are the secret to youthful looks – but we never knew how to balance them using emotions – now you know, so practice it daily!

2. Nutrition: If you don’t eat the right nutrition, then don’t expect any miracles. You need to eat the right things to have the youthful looks you are looking for – staying a healthy low weight will do wonders to look younger – but you also need to build strength by going on a fast, or a protein diet (lean meats and leafy greens only) – this is what renews you from the toxicity of sugar based diets which are very prominent in the western world (and now also most of the eastern world).

A collagen and biotin supplement with the above diets will also greatly help. This will also help hair growth and thickening hair in the long term.

3. Wash your face regularly, 2-3 times a day with cold water, and no soap or anything. This will do wonders for your skin on the face, and keep you youthful looking. In eastern medicine, it will keep the heat energy away (this is not the same as normal heat but refers to inflammation) which will prevent further aging at the same rate.

You can also use the Taoist soap as we recommend for hair thickening on our homepage (it can be used on the skin and scalp, and helps renew the skin and keep it youthful and soft). But you don’t need to use it daily – less is more in this case.



Ways to Make your Hair Thicker – Secrets Revealed

ways to make your hair thicker Hair growth is dependant on various factors, and the main ones are as follows below – and understanding them, can help you understand, and find ways to make your hair thicker and better quality:

- Hormones: This means if your hormones are balanced, or if there is in imbalance in any of the hormones; including insulin, testosterone, HGH and others.

- Inflammation: This means if the rate of inflammation in your scalp is higher than the body can handle. This can be corrected by a fix of diet in avoiding sugar/fat/carbs for 2 weeks and eating only lean meats of beef along with steamed kale or spinach. This diet also helps reset hormone imbalances talked in the earlier point above.

- Circulation: As we grow older, we get blood circulation reduced. The scalp is the first to get reduction because of it’s position in the body. To help this, we always tell people about scalp massage on a daily basis – they can use a machine to scalp massage if you feel like finger tips aren’t good enough, or you find it hard to massage using finger tips. Exercise also plays a major role in keeping health circulation in the body. This will also support hormone balancing.

- Environment: This includes the shampoo and products you use on your hair. Most fragrant based products for hair will cause long term damage, and hair thinning at a faster rate.

- Nutrition: If you aren’t eating, then no matter what else you do above, you won’t be able to get hair growth. You need the right about of nutrition, in the right form, for hair growth, and thickening hair growth naturally. This includes protein from animal sources; no, vegetable protein will not do the same, nor does it get absorbed the same way.

If you really and fully, understand the above points, you really do not need to keep surfing the internet to find answers to increasing hair growth and thickness. You can do it now, all by yourself.

Hair Loss Cures – List of Ways to find your Cure

hair loss cures

Hair thinning is a big problem in modern society for men and women alike – but what is a cure or at least a remedy to stop this progression further, and possibly grow back some of the lost hair?

There never was one exact remedy or cure discovered – as each hair loss is very unique to each individual, but hair loss happens from the following reasons:

- Inflammation of the scalp

- Lack of blood circulation to follicles

- Hormone Imbalance (including insulin problems)

- Diet is poor

- Stress

Now, if you are looking to find your cure – you have to assume, you have all the above – and target each one individually and at a strategic level.

For inflammation, you need to be on an anti inflammatory diet – and possibly use one of the products listed on our top hair growth shampoos here.

For lack of circulation, which is 90% of the time a major contributing factor in hair thinning – you can scalp massage 3 times a day for 30 minutes (yes it’s a lot, but yes it does work).

For hormone imbalances, going on a lean meat diet will help you recover this and restore normal hormone function – you should still see a doctor about this to guide you.

The poor diet will require at least B complex supplements and Niacin to be taken – also to eat with foods that also contain these vitamins.

Stress factors, well, the B complex vitamins will help cope a lot, but intense exercise will also help release the stress in a very proper manner and push hormone system balance as well as use up sugar in the bloodstream, and this will prevent inflammation from damaging further.

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Shampoo Review

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Shampoo Review There are many reviews on the Lee Stafford Hair growth shampoo – but does the Lee stafford shampoo actually work for hair growth and speeding up hair growth for hair that never grows longer?

Yes and no – the ingredients in the Lee stafford shampoo, whilst having some level of basic support for hair, does not justify speeding of hair growth, or even increasing hair growth for hair that does not grow past a certain length.

Reviews that have been submitted for the Lee stafford shampoo state that they seen results in terms of hair shaft increasing – this is an artificial effect, and will go after a few hours – it simply is like putting fat over your hair, making it seem thicker, but it does not actually thicken or grow.

To actually make hair grow past a certain length, you need to have a hair growth regime, and this should involve the correct nutritious diet, healthy exercise plan that covers ligament exercises (Yoga, Qigong), muscle and bone development as well as scalp massage and using the right hair growth shampoo, such as the ones reviewed and rated at our homepage here: - This is where all the best and the worst shampoos are listed and reviewed in a chart form, so that you can easily understand what the shampoo is rated on, based on.

The reason you have to do scalp massage is because hair has a direct relation with blood vessels, and scalp massage opens up the vessels and increases blood flow – see this article on getting thicker hair - and this is the reason why scalp massage is vital to your success.

So does this mean you should not try the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Shampoo?

We are not against this shampoo – but we have to say, it has little value in terms of getting actual hair growth results and speeding hair growth. You can still try and see what it does to your hair, but the chances are unlikely – some people simply like using the shampoo as a shampoo, rather than a hair growth shampoo, so the choice is still yours.

If you are still considering real hair growth shampoos – know that only a shampoo alone is not enough for getting powerful results, and that a regime is required to get results over time. Yes, the shampoos listed on our homepage can help, but you still must do your part as explained above.



Minoxidil Foam Side Effects – Listed

minoxidil foam side effects The Minoxidil foam that has been around for a while – its practicality seems much more than using the liquid version – but what are the side effects of this foam version and does it still help with hair growth? Is the foam absorbed at the same rate as the liquid or better, or worse?

The problem is that people don’t even know what minoxidil is, and how it even works, and they try to look for buying it right away with some research in forums – problem is, if you start using such a drug, you will get stuck to it for life, and the results are meant to decline with time.

If you haven’t read our post “Does Minoxidil Work?” then please read this first; as that previous post covers important information on how this works, and how you can take advantage of it to the maximum, without having to pay a lifetime supply of Minoxidil.

Side effects of the Minoxidil Foam are as follows: 

1. Water retention: you look fatter, face can also look puffy. This in eastern medicine is a sign that kidneys are being stressed and the aging process has increased in rate. So it is not something to be taken lightly.

2. Sexual dysfunction: Although they say this affects a small percentage of people – this is not true as previously thought. Also, the fact that Kidneys and sexual functions are linked in Eastern medicine, also shows that this makes sense if you have water retention, your sexual ability is also hindered – male or female.

3. More hair loss: this is weird, but true. You actually risk more hair loss from using this product than not using it at all. As explained in our previous post on “How does Minoxidil work” – the product actually increases vessel size temporarily to aid blood flow, if this timing of application is messed with, then the vessels contract, and causing a massive hair shed – and you over all loose more hair in time with missed times – it also depends greatly on what you ate recently and when the minoxidil was applied (foam or liquid).

Would we recommend using Minoxidil? – not really. We try to get people to work for their results than expect 1 single product to do the whole thing (which does not exist so far, at least as far as hair growth is concerned).

Diet and Hair Loss – Effects and Benefits

diet and hair loss

Diet surely has a direct effect on hair and hair loss – as well as how thick your hair will be when you are much older – as some foods will cause calcification of the scalp, faster than other foods – and this means thinning of hair over time, at a faster rate – this is why some people lose hair at a slower rate, and some at a very fast rate, almost just a few months to reach the worst state possible.

Diet rich in sugar and carbs is bound to affect the hair negatively as this will play with the hormones and increase inflammation way too much – the insulin hormone will also play a vital role, and when unstable due to a high calorie (high carbs and sugar) diet, then you will have a very hard time thickening your hair naturally.

Thickening hair with your diet has to have a few layers – one is to make sure you get your B vitamins – as they will help you tremendously for new hair growth and the quality of hair growth. Secondly, scalp massage and rubbing on the scalp regularly is needed to break off the calcification of the hair follicles (which then prevents the hair from growing at its best, or even at all).

Calcification of the hair comes from chronic inflammation of the scalp – so you would need to tackle it in two ways – scalp massage, and doing things that are anti-inflammatory – from foods, to exercise and to the right products such as anti-inflammatory one rated on our homepage – or similar hair growth shampoo reviews.

That said – being on a diet that causes hair loss is possible – and this is either high carbs and sugar – or very low carbs (hardly eating enough nutrition!) – and this latter one is much more dangerous as you are putting your health at a very high risk (although eating a lot still does that too) – so you need to find a balance.

A lean protein diet will actually benefits the hair growth – but make sure it is lean meats, not fatty foods – and not combined with carbs like rice or breads – eating that for even 2 weeks every month will help you start renewing your hair follicles – but do make sure you do your scalp massage, as this will greatly help you get faster results.



Does Rogaine work for receding hairline?

Does Rogaine work for receding hairline?

Rogaine has been around for a long time – but does it actually work for receding hairlines on the temples and hairline area?

Let us first examine what Rogaine really is – the chemical inside it is called Minoxidil – although many pharmaceutical companies deny in knowing how it works, such as the UK’s very own NHS website – it is actually very clearly known on how it works.

Minoxidil was originally designed for internal intake, for heart patients who have clogged arteries – the intention of minoxidil was to expand the vessels, so blood can safely pass without causing a heart attack – this is the actual of Rogaine – it simply expands vessels, so that blood is circulated better in the scalp, and hair growth can try to occur – but there is a problem with this.

The problem is – after Rogaine is used up – the vessels contract again – and if you don’t time your dosage, perfectly, including calculate your body’s ability to digest Rogaine at the time of application – you will get hair shedding, and actually lose hair – and if stopping use of it, will mean total loss of any gains you might have made.

Hair growth on the hairline or temple region of Rogaine is possible – but very hard to maintain – and you spent money and time, for something that is very short term, and causes side effects like inflammation – which is the actual main cause of hair thinning in the first place.

Rogaine alternatives?

Now that you know how Rogaine and Minoxidil work – why would you even bother using these products. We all know that scalp massage will increase blood flow to the scalp – and if done regularly and long enough, new vessels actually start forming, as well as blocked vessels get unblocked (very easily after a 20 min massage) – and hair growth restarts!

What about genetic hair loss?

There is no such thing as genetic hair loss – until scientists can trace the exact face of a human being using DNA alone, it is not possible to actually say something is genetic or not – we have not come that far just yet – anyone that does say the words “genetic” and whatever condition – either doesn’t know, or is trying to hold something from you (or sell you something really expensive).

Genetic disorders from hair loss to anything else, can only be a copy of the life style of patterns your parents or grandparents did, which is still present in the family. For example, the choice of cereal and perfume you buy, will greatly depend on the type your parents and their parents purchased (although there are exceptions to this). The same is for genetic conditions – they reflect your eating habits, exercise habits, emotional habits, and mix them all and we call it genetics.

We already know genetic expression changes if you exercised for just 6 months! Then why would you even worry about genetic hair loss when you can actually change your genetic expression?!

There are some products out there that can help with inflammation such as ones on our home page – but in all honesty, the power of change is within you and your decisions on life – emotions you choose to create when a situation arises (some stay calm, some don’t, some get scared, some cry etc) are all choices you were taught as a kid, and directly affect your hormones, which directly affect your hair as well as a whole lot of areas in your body (from how you look and how you will constantly feel).