Alpecin Shampoo Review

The Alpecin Shampoo is not our top rated shampoo due to the fact that it does not do what it says -and in our opinion it should not be used to sell as a hair growth product, when this is not what it does – Click here to see chart of comparison of the top hair growth shampoos.

hair growth shampoo review for alpecin

The Caffeine based Shampoo called the Alpecin Shampoo

The problem with many similar shampoos is that they attempt to artificially enhance the appearance of hair to appear thicker and healthier, but rubbing a thin layer of fat over your hair will achieve the same result, and over a period of time, increase the speed of hair loss, as the fat layer will become rancid, just as meat does if not refrigerated – and this will cause more inflammation and result in faster hair loss!

This product is not recommended for use if you have hair loss problems, please see our list for the top rated hair growth shampoo here.

The feedback from customers on the Alpecin shampoo is below – and if you have any results, positive or negative, please post them below, we will have to contact you via email to verify that you have purchased this and will ask for proof.


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stay away

Mar 23, 2018 by Farah Khan

I tried this shampoo for a month and i already regret buying it. it just dries out the scalp and hair, even after using a conditioner. It did not affect my hair growth, but seems like my hair was thinner than before. after stopping use, it was better. I now use a fragrance free shampoo with taoist soap on the scalp.

Doesnt work

Mar 10, 2018 by Jay Steven

Not much to say, doesnt work,but was interesting to experience the shampoo. wish it did work however. im tired of thinning hair.

Works for me!

Dec 29, 2017 by Sean

I've been using this for a year and find that it has definitely reduced shedding. However, it is a very drying shampoo, although as my hair is very oily this isn't a problem.

Made my hair like straw !

Mar 27, 2016 by Daren

What a waste of time and money. Just finished my third bottle ,so have given it a good testing but my hair is still thinning and a nightmare to brush after washing. Never been so dry and damaged !!!
Not happy !

It is a nice shampoo

Dec 15, 2015 by Hillary James

NIce shampoo to use, i still use it. but it didn't help my hair growth or speed up hair growth either.

Smells okay but

Feb 22, 2015 by Mark Drinkwater

I like how this smells and when you use it, you can feel the tingles in your scalp. But their is one problem, it does not really work. I dont even know what people are talking about with those reviews online on youtube as they arent true.

dont use alpecin

Jan 19, 2015 by vanessa

Alpecin shampoo made me lose loads of hair. i was thinning and thought i would try this shampoo. i used it 3 times. my hair shed for 2 months...after this. my hair went dry brittle and fell out. really advise not to use if female and thinning...

does not work at all and dries hair

Nov 29, 2014 by Jessica

tried this shampoo because i read good reviews but after using it for a week it was drying my hair a lot, and then after 4 weeks it did nothing but make my hair feel like its horse hair, which made me very uncomfortable.


Oct 18, 2014 by Harry

useless shampoo which only dries up the scalp. i started getting an even more itchy scalp after this, and my dermatologist had to tell me to stop using it as its causing more inflammation. so i don't think caffeine has any effectiveness on hair growth at all.

Not working for me after a year

Sep 25, 2014 by Raymond H Tinford

I tried the alpecin shampoo but i did not find it useful for regrowing hair. it makes the scalp very dry so i do not really wish to use it again. I was sad that it did not work for me. just leaving a review as i feel like I spent so much time in this product (1 year) buying it every time i run out and still get no results, not even stopping of the hair from falling

Hair Growth Shampoo Reviews , 1.8 4.0 27 27 I tried this shampoo for a month and i already regret buying it. it just dries out the scalp and hair, even after using a conditioner. It did not affect my hair growth, but seems l