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Having trouble with your hair? Want thicker hair or want to know if regrowing hair is possible in any way? Or just want to grow hair faster and better quality?

The Above Chart shows the top Hair Growth and Hair Loss Shampoos that will help you get there; we recommend starting from the Taoist Soap, which is designed for both, hair and skin, but helps in hair growth on the scalp (so no, you won’t get a beard if you use it on your face if that’s what you’re asking).

The list below is a summary of Hair Growth Shampoo Reviews in the UK and USA, and also Germany, France, Hungary and Croatia.

List of the Top Hair Growth Shampoos: 

1. Taoist Soap Review: This is a top rated product for not only increasing hair growth, but also renewing the hair cells to allow hair to regenerate and become thicker and stronger from the roots.

It works by first detoxifying the scalp from impurities and allows circulation to increase on the applied area – this soap is so pure and free from harmful chemicals, that it is edible! But we rather use it on our hair rather than as a food item; since it will literally renew your scalp and stop inflammation (itchy scalp problems).

This is not exactly a shampoo to be in a list of hair growth shampoo reviews, but it does quality as it is a soap designed specifically for the scalp and skin.

2. Nizoral Hair Shampoo Review: This is our 2nd best rated hair growth shampoo. We have removed most of the information the company claims, because we feel this is only for those who have given up on their hair re-growth, but just want to have an improved cosmetic appearance for temporary reasons. That said, the Taoist Soap above does this too, whilst allowing new hair to start growing (but you must follow the company’s instructions).

3. Nism Hair Growth Shampoo Review: These guys are a known company for hair growth shampoos but they are not the best as you already can see. They are used by many to supplement their hair growth regime, but it is not the best in terms of getting results; and not for everyone as not everyone finds that this works.

4. Alpecin Hair Shampoo: This Caffeine based shampoo was brought out by a German company that did in-house experiments on how hair growth is affected with caffeine. They proved that Caffeine helps hair growth, but putting it in a test tube environment; but this itself is not accurate as in the test tube, hair does not have to deal with Hormones or other stress levels in the blood which affect the hair growth in the first place; that said, the Alpecin shampoo does have a way to artificially make your hair appear thicker, but this is not actually a solution, just like the Nizoral hair growth shampoo.

There are lots of myths about hair and hair growth, and we here uncover a lot of health myths on hair loss which prevent people from moving forward in their life; as silly as it sounds, if our confidence is affected, it can actually affect our whole life indefinitely or until there is a restoration of confidence from another level.

Hair loss in men and women is very common these days thanks to many factors, and they may be any or a combination of the ones below:

- Environmental Pollution

- Diet and nutritional Density (What you eat everyday)

- Scalp and Skin Condition

- Emotional Balance (How often do you feel extremes of emotions affects your internal hormone balance)

- Physical Body Health (Do you exercise, for example)

Although many people often give up on trying to save every last bit of hair they have on their head, they always approach it the wrong way, either they look for a shampoo, or they look for a pill – when in reality, neither will completely solve the problem – you need to actually do every single thing possible to get a result; this means change your diet, change your thinking, change your life entirely and THEN think of what shampoos might help, and what shampoos won’t help and so on.

We already listed the top hair growth shampoo’s on the chart above, but you need to understand that just using a shampoo or pill or anything similar for hair growth won’t be enough – these are tools which you use in conjunction with exercise and diet.

What is a correct diet for hair growth?

This depends on who is asking – if you are a relatively skinny person, you may need to eat more red meat with spinach or kale – if you are a medium to large person, then eating less meat and more vegetables and rice will be better.

Diet and nutritional density of the food you eat is out of the scope of this website (although we will upload blog posts about this), but it is very important that you understand what is the right diet for you – this means researching a lot on what everyone says about diet and food – and then coming into building something suitable for you.

On a side note – if you are looking for hair growth shampoo reviews submitted by users online, then please visit the section of reviews here.